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Robotic Inspections New Zealand | RINZ
Professional underfloor inspections with advanced robotics.

Know your risk, get peace of mind, and see what is under your floor.

Our specially-designed robots go where humans cannot. They collect images and video of your foundations and subfloor area. These spaces are often tight, with health and safety issues such as mould, electric hazards and asbestos.

Our reports are fundamental for repair quotes, pre-purchase inspections, and for insurance and EQC claims including failed earthquake repair work. We guarantee accurate subfloor assessments backed up by quality footage and data.

What we do
About Robotic Inspections New Zealand

 Our team has inspected hundreds of buildings with earthquake damage in Canterbury. Our reports help settle disputes with EQC and insurance companies.

Robotic Inspections NZ uses advanced robotic technology for property inspections in developed specifically for New Zealand conditions. Our assessments meet the highest standards of precision and professionalism. Most importantly, we value and respect our clients.

Our Technology

After the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes, thousands of people needed accurate foundation inspections, pile assessments, and underfloor area checks. The first inspections involved assessors crawling under houses. This was dangerous and led to inadequate inspections. The available technology was not designed for the unique challenges of earthquake damaged properties.

We have specially designed and built our own robots to inspect New Zealand buildings in challenging conditions. We have worked with robotics and mechatronics companies around the world, and our robots are the result of thousands of hours of design, manufacturing and testing.

We currently use the fourth generation of advanced robots, which produce the clearest video and images available. These remote-controlled robots fit in small spaces and can carry measurement tools such as laser levels, infrared cameras, moisture sensors, and logging equipment.

Our Services

Visual Inspections

We offer three packages for our visual inspections. The Standard Package will give you a good idea of what’s going on in your home. The Engineers package is built for this who need a little bit more information than the standard. Lastly, the Research Package is aimed for those whom require specific outcomes.

Condition Assessments

We offer three packages for our condition assessments. The offer floor level surveys, roof inspections and pre-purchase property inspections. All our packages are built to suit your needs and requirements. Click below to learn more about our services and our pricing,

Repair Services

The inspection is only half of the solution. We can also manage the project to get your house repaired. We work with experienced chartered professionals who use our inspection reports to quote, design and carry out earthquake repair work. These trusted experts will identify the best solution for you home.

Case Studies

Exceptional quality in Sumner

Timber framed 1910’s built residential dwelling founded on concrete perimeter ring beam with rouble infill and concrete internal piles.

Piling in St Albans

Timber framed 1920’s built residential dwelling founded on concrete perimeter ring beam with rubble infill and concrete internal piles.

Failed Foundation in Richmond

Slightly aged 1930’s Timber framed family house in Richmond, founded on concrete perimeter ring beam (with rubble infill) and a mixture of concrete and stone piles.

1950’s Residential Dwelling

Stunning 1950’s Multi-story residential dwelling founded on an un-reinforced concrete perimeter ring beam

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Client Testimonials

Thanks so much robotic inspections for you prompt and professional service!! we had questions about the structure of our home and we were provided with a report showing the status of our piles and also images of black mold that was spreading underneath the house. it really was great to be provided with imformation and images at a very fair price too!
thanks so much guys!! Tamara Leone