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Failed Foundation in Richmond | Robotic Inspections New Zealand

Slightly aged 1930’s Timber framed family house in Richmond, founded on concrete perimeter ring beam (with rubble infill) and a mixture of concrete and stone piles. A young family renting this property were concerned about the condition of the foundation system, because of the floor being springy, uneven. Further on, they were concerned about possible mould issues affecting their health conditions.   The extent of the damage was evident already from the first walk over. The perimeter ring beam was cracked and separated and rotated (>100mm) in multiple elevations  After a couple of minutes; our Robot spent under the house; it was evident that the conditions down under are just as severe as we expected initially. We discovered ~500mm wide ground cracks, liquefaction, Piles collapsed in the ground cracks, piles sloping, rotten floor construction, and the list can still go on. We hope that the property owner did something about it because this house was not structurally sound.