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Visual Inspections | Robotic Inspections New Zealand

Subfloor Assessments
We Offer A Range Of Subfloor Assessment Packages.

RINZ’s solution offers the safest and most accurate inspections in the residential housing and commercial building market.

We can inspect your foundations, ceilings, tanks, anywhere our robot fits, we can inspect and report for you.

Range of services

Standard Package - $499

The standard package is a more complex report assessing and analyzing also the external conditions of the perimeter ring beam and the results are visualized in a 3D Plan .

Standard report:

Robotic subfloor assessment
Brief comments on observed issues
Damage plan
2D Foundation and bearer plan

Custom Add-ons

Floor level survey (from $175)
2D Joist Plan $99
Flooring / Insulation plan $110
Wiring & pipeline plan $110
360º Photographs $99

Engineers Package - $699

Standard report:

  • Robotic Subfloor assessment
  • External assessment of the perimeter beam
  • Comments on observed issues
  • Damage plan
  • 3D foundation and bearer visualization

Custom Add-ons

  • Forensic specialist peer-review (POA)
  • 3D Model in the PDF (from $99)
  • Floor level Survey (from $175)
  • 2D & 3D Joist Plan +$120
  • Flooring / Insulation plan +$110
  • Wiring and pipeline plan +$110
  • 360º Photographs +$99NZD
Research Package - $799
This option has been specific developed to specific users.

LIDAR scanning / 3D model
Moisture assessment
Various gas detecting
Soil sample collecting
Infrared assessment (Level 1 and 2)
Custom requirement

Benefits of visual inspections

Accurate Inspections
Risk mitigation
Health and safety

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